Our Mission

APAXís expertise lies in development of vehicles and equipment that are energy efficient and non-polluting. Its first objective is to provide technology that solves transportation problems: environmental pollution, traffic congestion, escalating fuel costs and strained/poor transportation infrastructures. The second objective is to develop an energy management system that recovers and recycles energy in vehicles and moving equipment (e.g. elevators, cranes).


Corporate Structure

APAX Vehicle Developments Inc., is a privately-owned Canadian corporation based in Ottawa, Ontario. Prototyping and R&D began in 1994, and APAX was incorporated in 1997.

There are three partners/major shareholders and a number of minority shareholders. Eric Jackson (President), is a mechanical engineer whose focus is on vehicle design, R&D, patents, and production. Robert Ridley, (Vice-President) is a civil engineer, with extensive experience in urban transportation planning. Robert originally identified the need for a new urban vehicle. Michael Segal, (Treasurer) is a senior partner in an Ottawa law firm; he acts as the corporationís administrator and legal counsel.


Typical bicycle

APAX vehicle

Typical automobile


Current Directions

Since 1994, APAX has been developing a new human-powered vehicle (HPV). Five consecutive prototypes were constructed, each incorporating design enhancements as well as public feedback. The vehicle is now production-ready. Vehicles will be available to consumers within the next year.

The APAX vehicle has won enthusiastic response for its superior performance at trade show and public appearances.

The unique design of the APAX positions it strategically between a bicycle and an automobile, while occupying no more road space that a conventional bicycle. Because of the APAX suspension, the ride is exceptionally supple. The APAX glides smoothly over all types of terrain, from city curbs and potholes, to washboard gravel roads, to the rocks and roots of country trails.

These unique characteristics allow a wide variety of applications: commuting, recreation, touring, police patrol, courier & postal delivery, resort rental, and off-road recreation and racing.

The second activity of the corporation is R&D of the VRHEC hydraulic energy management system. This features an energy storage and recapture process that allows the recovery and re-use of energy otherwise wasted when braking. As an energy-saving technology it can be employed in numerous applications such as elevators, hybrid vehicles, cranes, and other cyclic energy processes.

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